SoftMarketingTM is our business model.

Such a scenario is both a big chance and a big challenge for the economy because the word “competition” has taken on a new significance. Experts look for new and improved solutions in order to provide every individual with a chance to make money and stay healthy. A crucial factor is to identify a method of earning that offers long-term security.

There are three legs to support the business.

We have been observing dynamic changes occurring in the economy for some time now. The economy’s present shape is influenced by rapid technological and IT communication development, which significantly makes work and everyday life easier.

Globalization has made the world more and more homogenous, eliminating borders and standards. In this regard, the world may be seen as a Global Village, and a New Economy may be developed from this concept.

An employee’s progression in a firm is hindered by a brief organisational structure and a lack of space, according to experts. People are predicted to work in a different profession after 7 years on average, so the McJob concept was introduced. Management, marketing, economics, and business, in general, have all evolved considerably.

All we once believed about business, is now being questioned,” wrote Robert D. Hof in Business Week in 2014.

It’s both a big opportunity and a big challenge for the economy since the word “competition” has taken on a new significance. Experts are seeking new and improved solutions in response, allowing everyone to earn money and keep a healthy lifestyle at the same time. A crucial issue is finding a way to earn that provides long-term safety.

The process of business thinking evolving

There are a variety of solutions to choose from, including traditional management and corporate business, franchising or multi-level marketing. Even though these solutions have advantages, their disadvantages seem to be more severe nowadays. SoftMarketing™ is a revolutionary approach to doing business that has emerged from this new reality. The best practices from traditional management and corporate business are combined with those of franchising and multi-level marketing, but their drawbacks are eliminated.

In light of the ever-changing business environment, SoftMarketing™ is the answer. It is an alternative for business owners and full-time workers.

A secondary or primary, stable income without having to give up their previous jobs/occupations is available to both groups. For businessmen, it’s an opportunity to expand their usual field of operation. It requires neither new employees nor a large monetary outlay.

DuoLife adheres to the SoftMarketing™ methodology.

The wellness sector is growing at 30% per year.

The DuoLife operating on SoftMarketing™ is developing more rapidly, attracting people from different professional backgrounds and with different financial statuses. Numerous people have been successful in collaborating with DuoLife, which indicates that the method is effective.